Jason Industrial’s material handling hoses cover a wide range of applications. With their easy-to-drag, “Go-Glide” external clockwise PVC helix, these thermoplastic hoses are light and easy to handle. They are often used in applications involving:

  • Insulation Blowing
  • Fume Removal
  • Ducting
  • Ventilation
  • Dust Collection
  • Dry Fertilizers
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Mulch
  • Bark
  • Wood Chips

Heavy Duty Thermoplastic Hoses

One of the heaviest-duty models available when equipped with a Polyurethane liner, this hose can be used for the vacuum and transfer of abrasive crushed rock, gravel, sand or dry fertilizers, and fly ash, and even for shot blast recovery. Designed to stay flexible, this hose will work in cold temperatures down to -40°F.

Heavy Duty Rubber Hoses

The rubber (SBR) version of this hose is well-suited for handling crushed rock, sand, small gravel, and powdered cement; it can also be used as a boom hose for catch basin clean out. The rubber hose of this group covers a wide area of applications,

Available Hose Products

We have a range of hose options designed for use in sandblast recovery, mineral processing, power plants, and spill recovery.

HD Polyurethane Lined, PVC Material Handling Hose
Best for vacuum and transfer of abrasive crushed rock, gravel, sand, dry fertilizers, or fly ash, this hose is also used for shot blast recovery.

Medium Duty Polyurethane Lined Material Handling Hose

Polyurethane inside and static dissipating PVC cover, this hose is Specifically used for dry, medium-abrasive applications, this hose is generally employed for dust collection or to distribute dry fertilizer or plastic pellets.

Abrasion Resistant SBR Material Handling Hose
SBR Rubber offers good physical and abrasion properties and is used is used for abrasive suction. This hose transfers crushed rock, sand, dry fertilizer, small gravel, and powdered cement. It can also be used as a boom hose for catch basin clean out.

Hot Air Blower Hose
Made with an EPDM Tube and Cover. This hose conveys hot air from the blower to the tank on bulk transport trucks. This hose has excellent flexibility, full vacuum, and an upper temperature range of 350°F.

Concrete Placement Hose
Made with synthetic and natural elastomers, this hose is available in 800 or 1300 PSI, this hose is used for high or very high-pressure placement applications. The tube is abrasion resistant and the hose is overall kink resistant

Plaster & Grout Hose
A rubber blended hose used in construction applications, this hose sprays plaster, grout, sand, and gypsum and has very good abrasion resistance.

Polyurethane Material Handling and Duct Hose
Designed for insulation blowing, fume removal, ducting, ventilation, and dust collection, this multipurpose hose works for a range of applications.

PVC Mulch Resurfacing Hose
Made of abrasion resistant PVC tube and helix, this hose is mainly used in landscaping projects, this hose dispenses mulch, bark, or wood chips. The hose is designed with our easy “ Go-Glide” external design for easy drag across the ground

Bulk Material Suction Hose
With a gum rubber tube and EPDM cover, this hose is best used for suction, discharge, or gravity flow abrasives. This hose is often used in manufacturing, sandblast recovery mineral processing power plants, and spill recovery. The gum rubber tube offers excellent abrasion resistance. The cover is corrugated for flexibility.

Tube Sand and Dry Cement, Powder Discharge Hose
Made with a rubber blend and special static dissipating tube compound this hose is made to handle dry powders, dry cement, and other dry materials, this hose is a popular choice for sand/water mix applications on fracking sites. It is available in three sizes: 3/16 inch, 1/8 inch, or ¼ inch. It is both weather and highly abrasion resistant

Gunite Hose
A Pure Gum rubber tube and EPDM cover, this hose is designed for the conveyance of sand and cement to the mixing gun. This hose has superior abrasion resistance

Sandblast Hose
Constructed with a rubber blend material, this hose is used to convey highly abrasive materials to sandblast and clean equipment involved in construction, shipyards, steel mills, refineries, power plants and equipment rentals, these hoses are available in three styles: 2-ply, 4 ply, and lightweight.