Hoses used for food-related applications must be manufactured from particular materials that are suitable for contact with food products. Jason Industrial offers a full product line of high-quality, food-grade hoses that are designed specifically for use in food transfer and processing applications. Our hoses are compliant with FDA, USDA, and 3A sanitary standards, providing a secure and food-safe transferring solution that will preserve the quality and integrity of your products.

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Food Hose

What is a Food Grade Hose?

Food grade hoses allow for the clean and secure transfer of liquid and dry bulk food materials within pneumatic or suction systems. Since they come into contact with food products, the hose material cannot contain substances that could potentially seep into the food and deteriorate its purity, quality, odor, or taste. Furthermore, these hoses must protect food products from external contaminants during the transferring process.

Common uses for food grade hoses include:

  • Ground meat transfer
  • Process transfer
  • Bulk food processing
  • Load cell connections
  • Pump vibration dampening
  • Washdown stations

Food Grade Hose Characteristics & Benefits

Jason Industrial Food & Beverage Hose

When it comes to food transfer applications, the quality of the hose used plays a pivotal role in ensuring food safety. Jason Industrial’s Food & Beverage Hose meets the strict 3A sanitary guidelines, FDA and USDA standards for purity and quality, making it a reliable choice for your food-related applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-Metallic Construction: To eliminate potential contamination from metal corrosion, our food-grade hoses are made from non-toxic, non-metal materials such as PVC or rubber.
  • PVC or Rubber Material: Our hoses are specifically formulated to withstand the demanding food processing environment. This includes exposure to sanitizing agents, frequent cleaning procedures, rough handling conditions, and high temperatures.
  • Chemical Resistance: Foods and beverages can react unfavorably with certain materials, leading to the production of hazardous chemicals and acids that may compromise the safety and quality of the product. Our food-grade hoses are fabricated from non-toxic materials that resist these types of reactions.
  • Tasteless and Odorless: To maintain the integrity and taste of your food products, our food-grade hoses are made from tasteless and odorless materials. This ensures that the hose does not interfere with the flavor or quality of your products.

At Jason Industrial, we prioritize the taste and purity of your food products. Our robust food-grade hoses are made using FDA compliant materials and manufactured to maintain the integrity of your food items. Additionally, we offer an extensive assortment of couplings and other accessories to facilitate easy attachment to other hoses or equipment. Trust in Jason Industrial for all your food and beverage hose needs.

Types of Food-Grade Hoses

Food-grade hoses are available in multiple types, each suited for certain types of food transfer applications. Choosing the most appropriate hose for an application will depend on a combination of factors, including the application’s operating conditions and the properties of the foods or beverages being transferred. Thermoplastic and rubber hoses are two of the most common types of food-grade hoses.

Thermoplastic Food-Grade Hoses

Thermoplastic hoses are made from flexible plastic polymer materials that are tolerant of heat and chemicals. These hoses are suitable for the transferring and processing of various liquid food products, including juices, beer, wine, water, pastes, and syrups. Jason Industrial manufactures the following food-grade thermoplastic hoses, all of which are made from FDA-acceptable materials:

  • Polyurethane FDA USDA Material Handling Hose — SΩ (3000 series):A polyester yarn-reinforced hose with clear wall for visual flow, for heavy-duty food-grade handling and transfer applications. Includes a build in copper ground (SΩ) wire for attaching to the connector ends.
  • HD PVC FDA USDA Liquid Food Suction Hose (3010 series):This 3A-capable hose is well-suited for transferring food-grade liquids such as wine, beer, juices, potable water, dairy, and syrup.
  • PVC FDA Liquid Suction Hose — (3012 series):This 3A-capable synthetic braid-reinforced hose is designed for processing beer, wine, food paste, dairy, and syrup.
  • FDA Braided PVC Hose (4511 series):A clear, braid-reinforced hose ideally suited for use in food and beverage dispensing applications, lube lines, and other visual flow applications.
  • FDA Spring Wire PVC Hose (4600 series):This clear, spring wire-reinforced hose is used for clear flow applications, including food and beverage dispensing, air dispensing, deionized water systems, and more.

Rubber Food-Grade Hoses

The durability of rubber food-grade hoses makes them excellent for demanding, heavy-duty food transfer applications. Like thermoplastic hoses, rubber hoses are designed to handle the suction and discharge of a variety of liquid food products and edible grains. Jason Industrial’s rubber hoses are manufactured in compliance with all FDA food-grade standards and feature helical wire reinforcements that enable them to be grounded. These products include:

  • FDA Bulk Food Suction Hose (4460 series): A white natural rubber hose manufactured for suction, pneumatic, or gravity transfer of edible grains and powders. Built-in steel helix wire provides suitable grounding when connected directly to the hose ends.
  • FDA Liquid Food Suction Hose (4465 series): This white nitrile rubber hose is designed for the suction and discharge of liquid food products.

Sanitary Capabilities of Food-Grade Hoses

To be considered appropriate for food transfer applications, food-grade hoses must comply with strict FDA, USDA, and 3A sanitary standards. The FDA establishes standards regarding the physical composition of the hose (polymers, fillers, plasticizers), whereas 3A specifies performance requirements that must be met by the assembler for each application. 3A will perform tests on hose assemblies under relevant, real-world conditions to evaluate their strength and identify any possible reactions with cleaning agents or disinfectants. These types of regulations and tests are important to ensure that the safety and quality of food products are maintained as they move through the hose assembly.

Food-Grade Hoses From Jason Industrial

Food-grade hoses must be made from food-safe materials that not only protect food from external contaminants, but also preserve the food’s taste and quality. Additionally, these hoses must be durable enough to withstand the high pressures and temperature extremes that are often encountered in food processing applications. Organizations such as the FDA, USDA, and 3A set strict standards for food-grade hoses to ensure that they are strong, hygienic, and food-safe.

At Jason Industrial, we manufacture and supply food-grade hoses of exceptional quality for the secure and sterile transfer of food products. All our hoses are designed to meet appropriate FDA, USDA, and 3A requirements, and many are also full-vacuum rated. Our product portfolio includes a wide selection of specialized hose options, as well as the accessories and attachments to support their use.

Contact us today and let us help you find the right hose for your food transfer application.

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