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Jason Industrial carries a full line of rubber and thermoplastic industrial hoses, couplings and accessories for a wide range of industries and applications. Our primary hose distribution center is based in Carol Stream, Illinois. Additional United States distribution centers are located in California, Florida, New Jersey, Oregon and Texas in order to provide inventory to our customers as quickly as possible. Additional distribution centers are located throughout the Americas and can be found on our about us page

Industrial Hose

Hose plays an essential role in many industrial settings, facilitating the transport of essential process materials and sometimes providing other process functions such as pneumatics and steam. These hoses are designed to resist external forces that lead to corrosion and abrasion, and they are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate application requirements.

Jason Industrial is a leading provider of high-quality industrial hoses and accessories for petroleum & oilfield, food handling, chemical and other applications. Each hose is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use with features tailored to specific applications. This page will discuss industrial hoses in depth to help readers make informed purchasing decisions. The team at Jason Industrial can also guide you to the most suitable hose type and size for your operation.

What is an Industrial Hose?

Industrial hoses are built with durability in mind and used to transport materials in industrial systems, such as air, chemicals, petroleum, fuel, water, bulk solids and more. Industrial hoses are used in many applications and take many forms to best suit different application cases. For example, a hose used for chemicals is designed quite differently than one used for low-pressure water transport.

Industrial Hose Functions, Capabilities, and Benefits

Industrial hoses are employed for a variety of functions. Specialized industrial hoses are also available for spraying, steam, and pneumatic applications.

Hoses for industrial use must be resilient, and as such can be designed to tolerate exposure to extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and application pressures, enabling the safe and efficient transport of virtually any material type. Many daily industrial operations would be impossible without well-designed and manufactured industrial hosing properly selected and installed.

Applications & Industries That Utilize Industrial Hoses

Some common examples of industrial hose applications include:

  • Material handling
  • Irrigation, drainage, and pump out of water
  • Compressed air
  • Steam conveyance
  • Chemical transport
  • Dust control

Given this list of applications, industrial hoses are most commonly used in the following types of facilities:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Material handling
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Petroleum

Types of Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses are generally categorized by the types of materials that they transport. The most common types of industrial hoses include:

  • Air Hose Air hoses
    Most common air hoses are designed for air, water, and certain mild chemicals and handle pressures up to 300 PSI. Though they aren’t used to transport volatile materials, air hoses are still made of durable rubbers such as PVC blends or EPDM. As such, they offer reliable performance and a long service life with most common environments and use. Some larger air hoses are found in applications (such as rock drills) up to 600 psi.
  •  Chemical Hose Chemical hoses
    For transporting harsher chemicals to or within plants, chemical hoses are reinforced with synthetic material lining and layers of reinforcement including a steel wire helix for proper function and maximum corrosion resistance. Chemical hoses are typically made from a polyethylene base due to its resistance to most common chemical materials. The primary tube materials used are ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).
  • Food Beverage Food and beverage hoses
    Food and beverage hoses meet all appropriate and applicable FDA, USDA, and 3-A sanitary requirements for certification and is for deigned for safe and compliant operation. They are used for transport of food or beverage products, as well as food packaging, and visual flow applications.
  • Material Handling Industry Material handling hoses
    Using extremely durable tubes, material handling hoses are used to move highly abrasive materials such as rock, gravel, sand, or fly ash. The interiors are lined with polyurethane or highly abrasion resistant rubber to reduce abrasion damage. Special versions of material handling hoses are available for shot blast recovery, spill recovery, and other heavy-duty applications.
  •  Petroleum & Oilfield Hose Petroleum and oilfield hoses
    Oil and petroleum facilities—such as drilling, production, refinery, and delivery sites—regularly transport materials, such as fracking slurries, petroleum, oil, and more. Specialized oil and petroleum hoses withstand exposure to these chemicals and weather other common hazards and temperature fluctuations found in the oil and gas sector.
  • Mine Spray Hose Mine spray hoses
    As their name suggests, spray hoses are used for underground water spray operations. Mine spray hoses offer excellent temperature and abrasion resistance for effective use in mining dust control. These hoses may also be used in a wide range of water washdown applications.
  • Steam Hose Steam hoses
    Steam hoses facilitate safe steam conveyance in a wide range of industries, including lumber, chemical processing, and material handling, among others. Steam hoses are pin-pricked to facilitate proper venting, which reduces the risk of cover separation or blistering from steam permeation.
  • Water Hose Water hoses
    Water hoses are some of the most versatile industrial hoses, with options for hot and cold fluid transfer and high- and low-pressure applications. Durable industrial water hoses may be used for irrigation, agriculture, equipment cleaning, waste processing, and many other applications.

Available Parts, Components, and Accessories from Jason Industrial

Jason Industrial offers a full catalog of hoses and associated accessories for most industrial applications. Our offerings include hoses for various pressure ranges including full vacuum to over 1000 psi. We work only with the most durable rubber and thermoplastic materials, including (polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic rubber (TPR), and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

We offer industry-specific solutions for agriculture, mining, HVAC, and other industries, as well as many general-purpose industrial hoses. Some of these solutions include:

  • Jason Industrial’s agricultural line includes farm tank, hydraulic, and air supply components, including hoses and all necessary fittings.
  • Food and beverage.We offer a range of fully-compliant thermoplastic and rubber hoses for sanitary food and beverage handling.
  • Material handling. Many of Jason Industrial’s material handling hoses feature innovative details such as the easy-to-drag “Go-Glide” external clockwise PVC helix for ease-of-use. Light and extremely durable, these hoses handle abrasive materials with ease.
  • Steam conveyance. Our 4815 and 4186 steam hoses are suitable for locations that use steam, including lumber, pulp processing, chemical processing, and more. These hoses offer safe and durable handling to safeguard employees and sensitive equipment.
  • Mine spray. Designed for underground operations, the Jason Industrial 4182 and 4183 Mine Spray Hose facilitates dust spraying and handling to prevent hazardous buildup underground. Often used for other industrial washdown service.
  • Water transfer. We also offer a comprehensive range of water transfer hoses, accommodating suction, discharge, washing, jetting, irrigation, and other operations. Different combinations of rubber and thermoplastic are available to meet the demands of various industrial work environments.
  • Oil and gas. One of our primary specialties is the oil and gas industry, and our catalog aligns with this focus. Our portfolio includes an extensive array of petroleum and oilfield hoses. Whether you focus on drilling or refinery operations, our oil and gas hoses protect against disastrous leaks. We also offer hose solutions for spill clean-ups, petroleum suction, and much more.
  • Chemical processing. Our two premier chemical hoses (4430 and 4433) are perfect for both plant and tank truck transfer applications of a wide range of chemicals. See the compatibility chart in the Jason catalog and contact Jason for further selection if unsure.

Unlike many other suppliers, we also support our industrial hose catalog with a full set of nozzles, valves, couplings, and other compatible fittings.

To learn more about the features of our industrial hoses, contact us or request a quote for your application.