Jason Industrial offers a top-quality mine spray hose, designed for robust service in severe working conditions such as mining, quarries and other industrial applications. These are engineered for use in underground mining operations and wash down service, used to spray and mitigate dust, which, if left uncontrolled, can lead to serious underground safety concerns. This hose is made from specially formulated compounds that give it resistance to abrasion and allow it to perform in the presence of various challenging materials.

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Mine Spray Hose Products

4182 - MSHA Mine Spray Hose

The 4182 has an inside tube of black Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), an easily-visible yellow Chloroprene Rubber (CR, also known as neoprene rubber) wrap-cured cover and double-ply steel wire for reinforcement. The 4182 Mine Spray Hose offers strong abrasion, weather resistance and superior flexibility.

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4183 - Washdown Service/MSHA Mine Spray Hose

The 4183 has an inside tube of black Nitrile (NBR), an easily-visible yellow Nitrile blend cover and a steel wire braid. The 4183 offers the ability to assemble using Jason 12 series Hydraulic Couplings for ease of use and ultimate reliability.

Our Mine spray hose is constructed to withstand the cold and damp underground mine environment, working at temperatures down to -18°F. The Mine Spray Hose also meets MSHA cover flame resistance requirements (see catalog page for MSHA number).

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