Jason Industrial offers a broad range of hoses for use in moving water. From suction, to discharge, to washing, jetting and irrigation our hoses made from a variety of thermoplastic and rubber materials are designed to meet the specific needs of your application.

Our line of water hose includes:

Heavy-Duty PVC Suction and Transfer Hose

With high strength polyester yarn reinforcement and a distinctive orange helix, this hose was originally designed for fish suction, water suction, and trash pumping. However, it has now discovered new applications in the fracking industry. It is extremely popular for moving water in and out of retention ponds. This hose will withstand high transfer pressures.

HD Sub-Zero Cold Weather Clear PVC Suction Hose
Designed for use in extreme weather conditions, this hose can handle temperature depths as low as -40°F.

Standard Water Suction Hose

This water suction hose is offered in both FRAC and rubber models. For suction recycling and disposal of flow back water, the FRAC option is the best fit. However, for suction, discharge, or gravity flow of water in construction, mining, oil exploration, agriculture, and equipment rental applications, the rubber option is better suited.

Non-Conductive Furnace Door Hose

By transferring cool water to furnace doors in steel mills, glass plants, and other similar operations, this hose lowers the temperature of the doors without potential risk to users. The EPDM/glass fiber construction of this hose resists heat and is flame resistant. The cover itself can resist splashes of molten metal up to +575°F.

PVC Water Discharge Bulk Hose and Assemblies

With medium-duty (available in blue or wine-red colors) and heavy-duty (red color) options in stock, this hose is often employed for general purpose water discharge in construction, agriculture, drip irrigation, and equipment rental. This hose is light and easy to handle and rolls flat for convenient storage.

Mill Discharge Hose & Assemblies

This hose is available in two styles: heavy-duty DJ and municipal grade SJ. The heavy duty hose is frequently used for municipal or ship deck wash-down, pump rental, or hydrant-to-truck water supply line. Alternatively, the municipal grade hose is often employed for water discharge service in rental yards, fleet service, municipal wash-down, and utility dewatering.

EPDM Suction Hose

This hose is well suited for standard-duty water suction and handling applications, including septic, waste water, liquid manure, and agricultural liquid fertilizers.

Water Suction Hose in Green PVC or Clear/White Helix PVC

Available in green or clear/white helix PVC, this hose is best used for suction, discharge or gravity flow of water, salt water and oily water in construction, agriculture, mining or equipment rental.

Rubber 2-Ply Water Discharge Hose

With both 2-ply and 4-ply models available, this hose is employed for heavy duty equipment rental, general construction, mines, quarries, and other water discharge applications. These hoses lay flat and allow for easy roll-up, while maintaining resistance to weather and ozone.

Mainstream™ Pressure Washer Assemblies

Because this hose is designed for pressure washing applications, it is most often used for cleaning of poultry plants, dairies, off road equipment, paper mills, construction, homes, and outdoor patios. This hose will handle working pressures up to 3,000 lbs.

Nitrile/PVC Oil Resistant Discharge Hose

Available in black or yellow models, this hose is generally used for industrial wash-down, irrigation, general dewatering, pump discharge, and drainage. These hoses will work up to 250 PSI (17.25 BAR). Available in 660’ lengths in 4”, 6” and 8” ID.

MSHA Fire Hose Assemblies

This hose meets MSHA rating 18-FHA08001. With 50 and 100-foot hose length options, this hose assembly is used as an underground mining fire hose. This hose rolls flat for easy storage