As we progress through our introduction of hydraulic hose and coupling products at Jason Industrial, there have been a number of requests for interchange to competitors’ hose and couplings.

The term “interchange” needs to be clarified. No hydraulic hose or coupling is truly interchangeable because each manufacturer produces products that are tailored to their own processes and equipment. This is why mixing and matching is never recommended by anyone concerned about the satisfaction and safety of their customers and end users. Even though a particular hydraulic hose may carry the same SAE, ISO, or EN standard labeling, they are not made to the same tolerances and materials.

The same is true for couplings, perhaps even more so. Nearly every manufacturer has developed their own unique designs customized for their own validated and approved hose products. Additionally, the assembly specifications for crimping these hoses and couplings are unique to each piece of equipment.

Let’s focus on the coupling side of interchange for today’s discussion. Jason currently has three series of couplings for our hydraulic hose products.

  • The JB12 for our 1 or 2 steel braid reinforced hoses
  • The JB40 for our 100R12
  • The JB60 for our 100R13

Other manufacturers may have one series that covers both wire braid and some wire spiral such as 100R12 or even 100R13 (skived). Others may have a series that covers thermoplastic hoses like 100R7 and can be crimped on certain wire braid hoses like 100R16, but not 100R2. While there are many similar examples, the bottom line is always the same: it is never going to be a one to one direct interchange.

So how do you address this when you’re working with a customer who could move to Jason as a supplier? We recommend that you first sort out which hoses the customer is using or wishes to buy. Once you’ve established this list, evaluate the competitor’s couplings to identify an equivalent Jason part to provide the connector ends needed for the hoses we’re offering. This will ensure that the customer will have the correct hose and couplings for their needs when an order is processed.

Think of “interchange” as more of a cross reference for the correct hose and necessary connections. Yes, it can get a little complex, but your Jason team can support you to guarantee the correct products. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need help or have any questions.

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