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At Jason Industrial, we offer a vast inventory of industry-leading hydraulic hose products. The task of choosing the appropriate hydraulic hose can be challenging, which is why our team of specialists is always prepared to help you find the optimal product for their application. Our expansive list of product offerings enables us to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industries and applications.

We continually provide outstanding levels of customer service, the highest quality products, strong B2B tools and fast deliveries for our partners. This, in addition to our well-stocked inventories and logistical planning for partner companies, has led to our ongoing success working with national and international distributors. By staying up to date with every trend in fluid power conveyance, we are able to adjust our inventory to better meet the needs of our customers.

About Our Hydraulic Hoses

Our hydraulic hoses, crimping equipment, couplings, and accessories are ideally suited for use in a wide variety of hydraulic applications ranging from agriculture, off-road construction, and industrial applications.

Jason Industrial offers most commonly needed hydraulic hoses seen in the market. On several of the wire braid reinforced hoses we offer both a smooth cover and a special abrasion resistant wrap cured finish cover.

For applications requiring higher levels of exterior hose protection, we offer our Dreamshield® abrasion resistant rubber cover. Made from particularly durable rubber compounds, this protective cover is up to 8 times more resistant to abrasion compared to traditional rubber cover material options. As such, Dreamshield® can significantly prolong the lifespan of hydraulic hoses. All rubber covered hydraulic hoses offered by Jason utilize flame resistant (MSHA listed) covers.

Jason Industrial offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydraulic hoses and related products including:

  • Series 5011 (SAE 100R1/1SN smooth finish cover)
  • Series 5012 (SAE 100R1/1SN wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5021 (SAE 100R2/2SN smooth finish cover)
  • Series 5022 (SAE 100R2/2SN wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5040 (SAE 100R4 Extra Flexible)
  • Series 5050 (SAE 100R5 Hi-temp w/black textile cover)
  • Series 5161 (SAE 100R16/2SC smooth finish cover)hydraulic hose products
  • Series 5162 (SAE 100R16/2SC wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5171 (SAE 100R17 smooth finish cover)
  • Series 5172 (SAE 100R17 wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5192 (SAE 100R19 wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5122 (SAE 100R12 wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5132 (SAE 100R13 wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)
  • Series 5152 (SAE 100R15 wrap finish Dreamshield® cover)

Our selection of hose couplings includes:

  • 12 Series (for Jason wire braid and 5040)
  • 40 Series (for use with 5122)
  • 60 Series (for use with 5132 and 5152)
  • 75 Series (field attachable couplings for use with 5050)

All of these couplings (with the exception of the 75 Series) have been developed as “no-skive” and full crimp which greatly simplifies assembly onto the hose.

We also provide a variety of crimping tools, from small portable units to large-scale production crimpers:

  • Series JCD100S-T420 (portable service hose crimper)
  • Series JCD165M-T420 (standard hose crimper)
  • Series JCD205-WB (hydraulic hose crimper)
  • Series JCC-200 (general production hose crimper)
  • JIC340 (general production hose crimper w/controller)
  • Other crimpers and assembly equipment are available

For the convenience of our customers, we continually provide updated crimp specs on the Jason MyCrimp App (IOS / Android) and the resources page of our website. This makes it significantly easier for hose assembly professionals to ensure the most current crimp specifications are available to them for Jason’s ever-growing product offerings.

New Line of Constant Pressure (Isobaric) Hoses

We have expanded our line to offer the most commonly needed constant pressure (also known as “isobaric”) hoses and all are available with the Dreamshield® cover. These are:

  • SAE 100R17 – 3,000 PSI (5171 smooth standard cover and 5172 Dreamshield® cover)
  • SAE 100R19 – 4,000 PSI (5192 Dreamshield® cover)
  • SAE 100R13 – 5,000 PSI (5132 Dreamshield® cover)
  • SAE 100R15 – 6,000 PSI (5152 Dreamshield® cover)

We also offer a full line of one-piece, over the cover/bite the wire couplings that pair with these hydraulic hoses. All are fully tested and approved with our Jason provided crimp specifications. To ensure optimal quality, functionality, and durability, we manufacture all of these couplings from high-quality steel, with inserts made from a single piece (no braze joints to leak or fail). We also utilize cold formed connector nuts, which virtually eliminates the risk of cracking during the tightening process. The ferrules are made of cold or hot formed steel without free machining elements which provides optimal crimping formability without cracking.

Partner With the Experts at Jason Industrial

With our dedication to customer service, the Jason Industrial team is always easy to work with. We place a high value on the relationships we foster with our distributors, continually prioritizing open communication and quick response times. Our expansive inventory includes a full line of crimpers, and we have the production capabilities to meet your needs with rapid turnaround. We also offer easy B2B ordering.

For over 60 years, we have been industry-leading suppliers of hydraulic hoses and equipment. In addition to our on-call team of experts, we also offer the Jason MyCrimp App (IOS / Android) to provide you with the latest information on our crimping, hose, and coupling equipment. To learn more about working with Jason Industrial, contact us or request a quote today.

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