Hydraulic and industrial hoses come in a variety of specifications to suit various applications. Choosing the right hose for your project requires a consideration of the best hose material, size, pressure rating, and other factors. This guide will help you choose the ideal hose based on your requirements.

Choosing from Jason Industrial’s Portfolio of Hoses

Depending on your individual needs, the following are the main types of hoses you might choose.

Industrial Hoses

This type of hose moves process materials through an industrial setting or can with the right choice of hose, be used with steam, pneumatics, or other process functions. Industrial hoses are engineered to resist environmental factors like abrasion and corrosion and come in many sizes to meet the requirements of various applications.

At Jason Industrial, you can find top-quality industrial hoses and accessories for air, water, food handling, petroleum, oil, chemical, and other industrial applications. Designed for longevity and durability in harsh industrial conditions, these hoses have features tailored to specific use cases.

Hydraulic Hoses

If you need to convey fluids under pressure and connect components in a hydraulic system, select an appropriate hydraulic hose. These hoses comprise elastomeric or rubber material inner tube, with layers of reinforcing textiles, metals, or other materials and covered by an external protective layer. This durable design holds up under pressure while remaining suitably flexible to fit into confined spaces, making them suitable specifically for hydraulic applications.

Like industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses are available in multiple material and size options to meet different application requirements, with a wide variety offered fitting connector ends on Jason-approved couplings.

Considerations for Selecting Your Hose

When choosing a hose for your application, it’s best to follow the STAMPED guideline for selection, which stands for “size, temperature, application, medium, pressure, ends, and delivery.” The right blend of these features will help you make the right choice for your needs.

  • Size: Find a hose size with the right length as well as inner and outer diameters. Improper sizing can lead to reduced flow rates, pressure drop, and excessive stress.
  • Temperature: In addition to size, consider the ambient and fluid temperatures that the hose will need to withstand. Fluid temperature can affect the flow properties of the material being conveyed, so the hose must remain resilient under these conditions.
  • Application: Choose a hose compliant with all environmental and industry regulatory requirements, including any local and federal regulations.
  • Medium: The type of media your hose pumps will also influence the hose type. For instance, you may need to convey specialized chemicals or oils. Depending on the liquid, you’ll need to select the right components for your hose, including covers, tubes, O-rings, and couplings.
  • Pressure: The hose’s material and construction will impact its pressure rating, which will help determine if the hose is right for a given application. The pressure rating also influences the cost, maintenance needs, bend radius, and overall flexibility of the hose.
  • Ends: Choose hose ends with an inner diameter and design compatible with your application. End materials should also work with the media you intend to pump, preventing leaks and potentially dangerous chemical contaminations.
  • Delivery: When selecting a new hose system, you’ll benefit from working with a partner that can provide quick delivery from stock of the needed hoses and fittings/couplings for your needs.

Find the Right Hose for Your Application at Jason Industrial

Based on your specifications, you can choose from a variety of industrial and hydraulic hoses at Jason Industrial. Our hoses offer reliable, long-lasting performance conveying chemicals, food and beverages, steam, air, petroleum, oil, water, and more. We also offer various accessories, such as hose saws, crimpers, and armor guards.

Contact us with any questions or concerns. For more information about our solutions, request a quote today.

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