Accu-Link® is an adjustable link-style V-belt designed and manufactured by Megadyne as a versatile and durable alternative to standard rubber V-belts. Accu-Link consists of a chain of polyurethane links that are reinforced by high-quality multilayer woven polyester. Accu-Link was initially developed to serve as a fast, easy-to-install replacement for traditional V-belts in the event of a break, but new materials and manufacturing process improvements now make today’s Accu-Link a viable alternative for all comparable standard v belt applications.

Key Features and Advantages

The main attributes that make Accu-Link a Comparable performance product with superior benefits include:

  • Easy assembly. The design allows for a simple and fast assembly by hand in seconds without the use of tools.
  • Easy installation.Accu-Link has an adaptable design and can be easily installed on V-belt drives that are hard to access or difficult to take apart. Accu-Link can be installed open and joined on the drive.  Alternatively, Accu-Link can be made endless and rolled onto the drive.
  • Reduced inventory size. Any length of classical V-belt can be attained with just one roll of Accu-Link. Not having to stock individual belt sizes in various lengths results in inventories that are smaller, less costly, and easier to manage.
  • High power rate. Accu-Link power ratings are comparable to that of traditional V-belts.
  • Resistance to harsh conditions.The Accu-Link belt is composed of Polyurethane, which is capable of withstanding exposure to chemicals, salts, oils, and grease, facilitating an extended lifespan relative to traditional rubber counterparts.
  • Broad temperature tolerances. Accu-Link functions in temperatures ranging from -25° C to 80° C (-13° F to 176° F).
  • Tolerance of harsh environments. When exposed to tough or abrasive environments, Accu-Link wears better and lasts longer than traditional rubber V-belts.
  • Quiet and smooth operation. The innovative manufacturing process used to make the links allows for smooth and precise side profiles, which translates to a quieter and smoother belt with fewer vibrations than traditional rubber V-belts.

Additional features and advantages of the Accu-Link belt include:

  • Durable urethane impregnation
  • Rugged polyester fabric
  • Adjustable link construction and easy length modifications
  • Versatile, adaptable, and interchangeable design
  • Horsepower capacity equivalent to conventional V-belts
  • Perfect for reducing belt vibration
  • Clean running; no cracking; no black dusting
  • Heat-dissipating construction
  • Can be used s in conveying applications
  • Functional on drives with turns
  • Perfect for emergencies and service environment where always have the right belt size is necessary
  • Can be rolled drive sheaves (no cord to damage)
  • Can be used in single V-belt or multiple V-belts applications
  • Runs cooler than conventional V-belts

Industries and Applications

Given its unique and adaptable link-style Accu-Link belt can be used for virtually any drive application. Manufacturing and service industries today rely on Link belts for use on problematic drives and in harsh operating conditions. Accu-Link is also fast and easy to install, making it the superior design choice for preventative maintenance and emergency repairs.

Some of the most common applications of the Accu-Link V-belt include:

  • Marine industry. Accu-Link is composed of durable and long-lasting materials capable of withstanding salt, grease, and other harsh elements associated with marine environments.
  • Poultry industry. The Accu-Link belt can endure the dirty and potentially harsh operating conditions associated with poultry farming.
  • Agriculture industry. Engineered to withstand challenging environments, the Accu-Link belt is ideal for many agriculture-related applications.
  • Glass industry. In glass manufacturing, the non-marking Accu-Link belt is preferable over standard V-belts, which frequently leave stains or marks on products.
  • Air handling. Quick and easy installation makes Accu-Link a convenient option for use in air handler units. It is also clean running and a perfect choice for air handling in sensitive environmental application
  • Metal and woodworking machines. Accu-Link is designed to enable a reduction in vibration and noise, making it ideal for metal and woodworking applications.
  • Rolling conveyor. Accu-Link belts are superior to standard V-belts in their ability to tolerate pulley misalignment.
  • Tile and marble conveyors. The conveyor process for tile and marble manufacturing can be harsh and abrasive on belts, causing undue wear early in their service life. Accu-Link belts are built to tolerate such conditions and can endure longer than standard V-belts.

Accu-Link Adjustable V-Belts From Megadyne

Accu-link is strong, long-lasting, and built to endure a wide range of V belt drive application. Whether you are looking for an easily installed product for fast emergency repairs or a strong and dependable product for everyday drive applications, Accu-Link will keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. To learn more about Megadyne’s Accu-Link adjustable V-belts, please contact us or download our detailed brochure.

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